Parks & Recreation

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Monaca Recreation is dedicated to providing wholesome recreation and leisure activities for the enjoyment of all residents in the community. Recreation promotes good health, friendships, and opportunities for sharing family time. New challenges, outdoor adventures, positive competition, creativity and lifetime opportunities are other endless benefits. We hope that you will be active participants in the many recreation and leisure activities available.

Monaca Parks & Recreation Department provides a dynamic source of engaging activities for individuals and families.

We try to offer a wide variety of interesting programs in order to appeal to just about everyone's taste. While the programs we sponsor certainly focus on the participants' enjoyment, benefits to the community as a whole are very significant.

Studies show that recreational programs help reduce stress, encourage creativity, and enhance psychological well-being in those who partake. They bring families together for fun experiences, form new friendships within the community, and provide activities that steer young people away from delinquency and chemical dependence.

There are economic benefits as well. Strong, active communities find their land values increase (compared to stagnant, lifeless communities, where they sharply decline).

Interesting programs that appeal to a variety of people draw participants from outside communities as well, people who might invest in Monaca by shopping here, telling others about their good experiences. Special events become focal points for tourism (one of the main goals of our Main Street Program, and several town organizations). And that generates revenue!

Even the environment benefits! By utilizing outdoor space wisely, we not only make it more accessible for public enjoyment and appreciation, we encourage the preservation and upkeep of our natural resources.

The results? A stronger, healthier community.
We ask you to support our growing Parks & Recreation programs.
Better yet, come and join us in the fun!