Mission Statement


The mission of the Monaca Police Department is to enforce the laws which the people have deemed necessary in the interest of public safety. These laws may be by Borough Ordinance, State Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and United States Constitutions. The mission philosophy is to enhance the quality of life in the community by working with the Town administration, elected officials, general public, and the community’s institutions to create a friendly relationship with the citizens of the business and private community.


 The Monaca Police Department is a professionally trained law enforcement agency providing 24 hours, 365 day police and public safety services. The department is equipped with the latest in information management technology and intelligence collection systems, and is capable of dealing with any and all police and public safety issues which may arise. Officer response time 0 to 2 minutes minimum, 0 to 4 minutes maximum. Norm 0 to 2 minutes.


To continue to improve information management and intelligence gathering technology needed to serve the department and the needs of the community. To instill an intense Community Policing Philosophy throughout the Town and create a partnership in policing our community. To maintain a high standard of training and increase the higher education level for police officers.

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